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Hyperlite Wakeboard Binding Laces

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Refresh Your Ride: Hyperlite Wakeboard Binding Laces

These Binding Laces can be used with:

  • Team OT, Formula, Remix, Remix Kids, Syn, Viva, Jinx, Jinx Girls, Frequency, and Allure Bindings.

  • Not compatible with Capitol, Scout, Ultra or Team X Bindings.

Looking to revitalize your wakeboarding gear? Hyperlite Wakeboard Binding Laces are your go-to solution. Whether you've lost a lace or simply crave a fresh set, these laces offer the perfect blend of style and functionality. Compatible with a wide array of bindings, including Team OT, Formula, Remix, Syn, and more, they provide an easy and effective way to refresh your wakeboarding setup. Please note, these laces are not suitable for the Capitol, Scout, Ultra, and Team X models. Simple to install and designed to last, these binding laces ensure you spend less time on maintenance and more time enjoying the waves.