Our goal for the past 30 years has been to provide you awesome watersports equipment that you can use to have a great time on the water with family and friends.  With that in mind, we continually sell only the highest quality products and stand behind every single one of them.  However, from time to time a situation arises where a manufacturing defect causes the need for us to file a warranty claim on your behalf.  We then work with the manufacturer to find a solution to the problem and get you back out on the water having fun!

The Easiest Way to Start a Warranty Claim

Email sales@boardco.com the following information AND images


1. Your name & order number
2. Description of the warranty issue
3. Your preferred contact method (Email, Text, Phone Call)
4. Any other questions or concerns you have about the product and/or process


1. A photo of the box it came in
2. A picture that shows the entire product (front and back)
3. Close up pictures of the specific issue

 After this email is received, we will contact the manufacturer and have them determine if the issue is something they can warranty.  You will receive an update, at least once per week, with any information we get back from the manufacturer.  If we have no new information, we will still update you letting you know we're still working on it. While some warranties are faster than others, we keep in constant communication with our brands to make sure your claim gets completed as quickly as possible.

Warranty Details & Information

What Can I Warranty?
We can file warranty claims on your behalf for manufacturing defects only. Products that have normal wear and tear, including but not limited to cosmetic dings, chips, and dents; bubbling and/or warping from excessive heat; damage due to impact, misuse, abuse, or modification; and breakage from a rider over the size recommendation may not qualify for a warranty. We also can only file warranties within one year of the original purchase.

When Can I File A Warranty Claim?

Hyperlite & HO Sports have a one year (from the purchase date) manufacturer warranty for their items. While The Hyperlite Store, which is Powered by BoardCo, is the point of contact for all warranty claims for the products we sell, Hyperlite & HO Sports set their own warranty policies. Please see specific warranty policies by clicking on the links below and contact us directly at 385-354-7523 or sales@thehyperlitestore.com with any questions.

Items of note 

Varial and Super Branded Surfboards

These are high-end glassed surfboards that are not covered under warranty once they have been used and/or have had traction pads (or wax) placed on them.  We sell them because they are boards that we love riding but they are only covered under warranty if they have not been used.  We highly suggest purchasing a padded board bag if you don't already have one to use when your board arrives.  If these boards do get damaged, they can often be repaired and still have the same great ride quality they do from the first time you use them.