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Hyperlite .7 Feature Fin (2 Pack)

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Slide & Glide: Hyperlite Feature Fin

This Feature Fin is Best For:

  • Freestyle Riders: Designed for a looser feel, perfect for dynamic moves and tricks.
  • Versatility Enthusiasts: Suitable for both cable and boat wakeboarding.
  • Universal Compatibility: Fits any current Hyperlite Wakeboard model.
  • Replacement Ready: Ideal for updating or replacing old or damaged fins.

Enhance your wakeboarding experience with the Hyperlite Feature Fin. This 0.7” fin kit is engineered for riders who love a looser, more playful feel on the water. Whether you're carving behind the boat or showing off at the cable park, this fin provides the perfect balance of freedom and control. Its universal design ensures compatibility with any current Hyperlite Wakeboard, making it a versatile choice for wakeboarders of all skill levels. If your current fins are worn out or you're just looking to upgrade, the Hyperlite Feature Fin offers an easy and effective way to boost your board's performance and your overall riding experience.