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Hyperlite Cadence Pro Rope/Handle Pkg W/ Flat Line

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Get a Grip on Greatness: Bec Gange's Signature Cadence Pro is Your Perfect Fit!

Why You'll Love It:

  • Perfect for Smaller Hands: Designed with a smaller diameter for a more comfortable grip.
  • Less Fatigue: Ideal for long sets, especially for the youth.
  • Floats!: Foam buoyancy plugs ensure this handle won't sink.

Introducing the Cadence Pro Rope and Handle, designed specifically for ladies and the youth. With a smaller diameter of 1.02", this handle offers a more comfortable grip for smaller hands. Say goodbye to hand fatigue during those long sets! Bec Gange gave it an immediate thumbs-up for its feel and grip. Get ready to elevate your wakeboarding experience with the Cadence Pro!


  • Foam Buoyancy Plugs: This handle floats, so you never have to worry about losing it.
  • Ultralight Nylon Endcaps: For added durability without the weight.
  • ARS (Anti-Roll System) Equipped: Keeps the handle stable for a better grip.
  • 3mm Thick EVA Grip: For that extra comfortable hold.
  • 15” Bar Length: Ideal for a wide range of tricks.