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HO Sports Smart Anchor - 30 FT Line + Rope Bag

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HO Sports Smart Anchor - Effortless Anchoring

  • Mushroom Style Bag Anchor: Versatile and easy-to-fill design for anchoring towables, iLANDs, or iSUPs.
  • 30-Foot Anchor Line: Suitable for depths up to 30 feet, complete with a floating rope bag for safety and convenience.
  • Roll Top with Buckle Clips: Ensures secure closure and easy transport of filled anchor.
  • Comprehensive Repair Kit: Includes valve wrench, glue, reinforced PVC, and instructions for easy maintenance.

The HO Sports Smart Anchor offers a practical and efficient solution for anchoring your water accessories. Its mushroom-style design allows it to be easily filled with rocks or sand, making it ideal for securing large towables, iLANDs, or iSUPs in waters up to 30 feet deep. The anchor system includes a variable length 30-foot anchor line and an attached floating mesh rope bag, ensuring that excess rope is kept safely out of the way. For added convenience, the anchor features a roll-top closure with buckle clips for secure and easy transportation. A comprehensive repair kit is also included, ensuring you have everything you need for maintenance and quick fixes on the go.