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HO Sabre w/Stance 130 atop & ARTP Water Ski Package 2024

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HO Sabre w/Stance 130 ATOP & ARTP – Elite Water Ski Package

  • Advanced Crossover Ski: The HO Sabre is ideal for intermediate to advanced skiers, offering a stable, versatile, and smooth experience. It's perfect for those looking to enhance their skiing skills.
  • Eco-Conscious Construction: In partnership with Checkerspot, the Sabre features a biobased foam core and bio resin, emphasizing environmental responsibility without sacrificing performance.
  • Enhanced Ski Features: The ski boasts a wide forebody, high tip rocker design, and high volume concave, optimizing support, stability, and drive.
  • Stance 130 ATOP Boot: The boot is designed for power and precision, featuring the innovative ATOP Reel Lacing System for a micro-adjustable fit, combined with a stiff composite textile shell for peak performance.

The HO Sabre Water Ski Package with Stance 130 ATOP and ARTP offers an exceptional skiing experience. This package is tailored for skiers seeking a high-performance ski that excels in versatility and stability. The Sabre's lightweight, durable design and forgiving sweet spot make it ideal for skill progression, while the Checkerspot biobased foam core ensures a lighter, stronger ski. The Stance 130 ATOP boot, with its precise reel lacing system and comfortable liner, provides unparalleled power and precision. The Stance Adjustable Rear Toe Plate (ARTP) complements this setup, offering comfort and flexibility for a wide range of foot sizes. This package represents the pinnacle of water skiing technology, suitable for speeds of 24-34 MPH, and is perfect for skiers eager to push their limits.