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HO Carbon Omni w/Stance 130 Dbl 2021

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The Carbon Omni does everything with a more aggressive core than traditional construction skis. The added stiffness of the carbon construction gives more acceleration and enhanced performance at higher speeds. Designed with a hybrid width, the Omni water ski has the stability of a wideride ski with the edge hold and aggressiveness of a slalom specific course ski. There's added buoyancy to the nose of the ski to keep you from cartwheeling if you get stuck too far forward around the buoy or crossing the wakes. It's super forgiving! The HO Clean Edge Technology reduces drag by 50%. Clean Edge allows water to release off the bottom of the ski without wrapping around a suction-creating bevel; resulting in ultimate efficiency. The Clean Edge also allows for added acceleration when on edge with less skier input. SpeedSkin, HO's laminate textured ski base, is found on the bottom of the ski to break up water molecules helping create even more speed while simultaneously reducing the weight of the ski by 20%. The Carbon Omni is a true modern shape with every feature you need to get to the next level of slalom skiing!

The Dbl Stance 130s are a great water ski boot. With the dual lace zones this shoe gives a very personalized fit snug yet comfy. These boots are a great fit for anyone who is looking for power and precision. These boots are lightweight and have a 15 degree lean forward and a 6mm footbed thickness