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HO Carbon Omni w/Stance 110 Dbl Water Ski Package 2024

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Dive Into Advanced Waterskiing with the HO Carbon Omni w/Stance 110 Dbl Package – Balance, Comfort, and Control!

  • Responsive Skiing Experience: The Carbon OMNI features a clean edge tail and hybrid width for agile turns and quick acceleration.
  • Double the Comfort: Two Stance 110 boots provide uniform comfort and flexibility, enhancing your control over the ski.
  • Personalized Fit: Dual Lace Zones in the boots allow for independent adjustment, ensuring a snug and secure fit for each foot.
  • Lightweight Stability: The ski and boots combination offers a lightweight yet sturdy experience, thanks to high-grade materials and advanced design.

The HO Carbon Omni w/Stance 110 Dbl Water Ski Package is a game-changer for intermediate to advanced skiers seeking a blend of comfort and high performance. The Carbon Omni ski, renowned for its all-around capabilities, provides the perfect platform for versatile skiing in various conditions. The inclusion of two Stance 110 boots in this package is a nod to the importance of uniform comfort and control. Each boot's Split-Back Upper Cuff and SBR Closed Cell Foam Liner ensure both feet are equally supported and comfortable, allowing skiers to focus on their technique and enjoy their time on the water. This package is ideal for those who value a consistent and harmonious skiing experience, where every component works together to enhance performance and enjoyment.